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How Do You Feel About Yourself Today?

Do you want to feel good about yourself? So do I. But it’s hard work

We have to take care of ourselves. And one of the ways we do that is by talking things over with ourselves

Feel Good About YouI have to watch my self-talk because I can be demanding of myself.  But I’m slowly learning to feel good about myself by listening to the messages my life is sending me. It’s not an easy transition to take those messages and find the positive in them. But it’s the pathway to better understand what it takes to feel good about being me

Your life is constantly trying to get your attention. The key is listening to the signals

Feeling Loved

Do you feel loved?

Who loves you?

Who do you love?

We need to know others love us. A human being who does not feel loved is a wounded human being

More than anything else, loving and being loved makes us feel worthy

Feeling Understood

Do you feel like there is anyone who understands you? Being understood is a transforming experience. I saw a picture yesterday that showed two tiny human figures separated by a long flight of stairs. Meet someone halfway. Communication is the beginning of understanding

Feeling Good About Yourself?

It depends on the picture you take

The simplest camera in the world — your imagination. There’s not even one button to push. Imagination is existence itself.

You behave according to your self-image. And your self-image is based on the picture your imagination has been taking of you

Respect, Protest and the NFL

American FlagWhen you have a knowledge of history and an experiential understanding of what was required of the generations that went before us it instills an understanding and respect for the sacrifices made to protect this country’s freedom

Us stupid old people have dads who fought and died for this country. We have beliefs & convictions dissimilar to yours but just as important to us as yours are to you (speaking to the young NFL players & those of the millienal generation). We also have feelings like you

The National Anthem is a treasure to me; it often brings tears to my eyes

I think where we differ is in our understanding of protest and respect. I honor my father and the sacrifices he made for this country each time the Anthem is sung; no matter what I’m pissed about. Sorry I’m so old fashion

I really wish you would find other ways to protest. But hey, I’ll accept your right to sit. So sit if u want

I hope you respect my decision (and right), and the 1000s of other fans, when we quit watching. It’s coming you know

I love college football

Bye bye