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The Election Isn’t Over —

A NY magazine reported that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was “urged by a group of prominent computer scientist and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states won by Trump”

recount-jill-steinOne day later Jill Stein announced she would be collecting money to recount votes. Coincidence or not this should set off alarm bells

Why are Stein and HRC calling for the recount?

Throughout the campaign the media hounded Trump

“Will you accept the results of the election in the event you lost?” When Trump said he would take the, “wait and see approach” Clinton took the holier than thou position.

“Make no mistake by doing that he is threatening our democracy. The peaceful transition of power is one of the things that sets us apart. It’s how we hold our country together no matter who’s in charge”

Now Stein is in the kitchen doing the dirty work. She has managed to accumulate $7 million – and her recount drive, at one point, was pulling in $5000 every minute. Somehow that doesn’t sound like “Joe Voter” digging deep in his Levi’s – that sounds more like big league spenders stepping up to the plate


Is Stein’s recount campaign really about reassuring ‘we the people’ about the integrity of our democracy?

Before answering that question remember (according to the NY magazine cited in the 1st paragraph above) the recount plan was floated to HRC by lawyers and a few computer scientist

This recount is estimated to take us right up to the Dec 19th deadline and if it goes up to that deadline – technically speaking – it may give the ‘faithless electors’ reason for not aligning themselves with their constituents. Or Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania could be considered forfeited because they failed to resolve the issue by the Dec 19th deadline

If it does come to this who do you think would be called on? Maybe the current Supreme Court??

Do you still doubt this scenario that seems to be unfolding? If you do consider Brexit and the Geek referendum – 2 examples of ‘democracy-in-action’ that the politically elite has de facto canceled or put on hold indefinitely

Such setbacks are becoming the rule rather than the exception which lends credence to Mark Twain’s famous observation

“If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it”

Paraphrased – the elite will always get what they want

This scenario may seem implausible to some – to those- never underestimate wealth, power and collusion

An op-ed written with help from a couple foreign news agencies

Coming this Tuesday! Brexit 2.0

by Fred Peatross

brexitThe first lesson Brexit has for America is that there’s a potential majority out there that is angry, scared, and more than willing to jump into the abyss. And they don’t need to be encouraged “to vote.” This past June analysts and economists warned Britons repeatedly that pulling out of the EU would be an economic and security debacle

They heard the warnings, listened to the experts tell them that Brexit meant disaster and watched as their prime minister urged them not to take a terrible risk

And their answer was: “Get stuffed”

75% of those between the ages of 18-24 wanting to stay, 39% of those 65 and older wanted to exit the EU.

Guess what? The older came to the polls. They didn’t need to be reminded

If older Britons proved to be less risk-averse than the young, there’s no reason to think America’s most reliable voters are immune to change fever. In many ways, Hillary Clinton represents the continuation of President Obama’s policies, and Donald Trump inarguably represents change. We just aren’t sure what kind of change but it appears that many (and I do mean many) would rather deal with the unknown than the known. And I haven’t even mentioned that someone is being investigated by the FBI

The polls before the referendum (Brexit) were close, they tightening days before. Most Britons went to bed the night before with the expectation that they would still be a part of Europe when they woke up

Something voters need to know — you can only trust the polls so much. A Facebook friend just traveled to the south and posted that every sign (on the highway and in the front yards) with the exception of one, said “Trump.”

One more thing. Just about everybody who’s anybody was in favor of Britain staying in the EU — every living prime minister, the leader of Britain’s two major parties, President Obama and the leader of every other important ally, academics, business leaders, and celebrities — but a majority of everyone else said “NO!”

Britain even ignored a plea from their own — James Bond (Daniel Craig)

Tuesday, Nov 8th – BREXIT 2.0

Aging with Hillary Clinton and The Donald

I’m in the same age bracket as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Mrs Clinton’s bobbling collapse reminds me again that I’m at the age where stuff can happen. I often push that thought off to the side because I’m in good health and in good shape. And unlike Trump & Clinton I don’t carry a lot of extra weight (that can make a difference)

hillary_donald_caricaturesI can tell that my energy level is less than what it use to be. I never felt the difference in my work years. But I can now

I worked for over 3 decades and I have no desire to return to the work force. None. Zero. I have been asked more than once if I would want to do volunteer work but I turn that down every time because I don’t want to be chained to a start time and quit time. Which brings me to a question

With health issues at 68 years old and a campaign that is physically exhausting, no matter one’s age, why would Hillary Clinton want to pursue the rigors of a job that could jeopardize her health even further? Is she so desperate for control and power that she cannot give up the pursuit? What makes her push her body when she could step away from public life and live her final years with family, in peace,comfort and prosperity?

Maybe Hillary Clinton is analogous to a meth head. The difference being in her elixir of choice — power

I hear power can make you drunk

Old White Men

Old White MenWhy do I feel a little dirty for being a white man? Heck, sometimes I feel like I’m a punching bag  

In the past it was women and minorities who bore the negative. But today, it seems the one group who it’s socially acceptable to stereotype and criticize en masse is white men

If I swapped out “white men” and replaced it with the name of pretty much any minority group it would be politically incorrect, at best. But it’s okay to talk about me – an ‘old white man’ this way?

Funny how white men are prefaced these days with ‘old’ white men. I guess that’s because there are so many of us. But you know what? A lot of old white men have done some really great things! Ben Franklin was an old white man. Bill Clinton is an old white man. A lot of my friends are old white men

In a vacuum, being a white male shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed of. And yet I cannot help but feel ashamed when I talk with my liberal friends. And if you believe all the liberal writers we “white male” are little more than a badge of shame, I guess something I should feel bad about

But no one should be ashamed of their color, race, or ethnic heritage, but at the same time, it’s not something to be proud of either. You didn’t choose to be born white, black, Hispanic, Lithuanian, Iranian, or whatever. It reflects no moral credit on you, nor moral discredit

No one should have to feel this way about who they are. Not blacks, not Hispanics, not even historically privileged white males