Coming this Tuesday! Brexit 2.0

by Fred Peatross

brexitThe first lesson Brexit has for America is that there’s a potential majority out there that is angry, scared, and more than willing to jump into the abyss. And they don’t need to be encouraged “to vote.” This past June analysts and economists warned Britons repeatedly that pulling out of the EU would be an economic and security debacle

They heard the warnings, listened to the experts tell them that Brexit meant disaster and watched as their prime minister urged them not to take a terrible risk

And their answer was: “Get stuffed”

75% of those between the ages of 18-24 wanting to stay, 39% of those 65 and older wanted to exit the EU.

Guess what? The older came to the polls. They didn’t need to be reminded

If older Britons proved to be less risk-averse than the young, there’s no reason to think America’s most reliable voters are immune to change fever. In many ways, Hillary Clinton represents the continuation of President Obama’s policies, and Donald Trump inarguably represents change. We just aren’t sure what kind of change but it appears that many (and I do mean many) would rather deal with the unknown than the known. And I haven’t even mentioned that someone is being investigated by the FBI

The polls before the referendum (Brexit) were close, they tightening days before. Most Britons went to bed the night before with the expectation that they would still be a part of Europe when they woke up

Something voters need to know — you can only trust the polls so much. A Facebook friend just traveled to the south and posted that every sign (on the highway and in the front yards) with the exception of one, said “Trump.”

One more thing. Just about everybody who’s anybody was in favor of Britain staying in the EU — every living prime minister, the leader of Britain’s two major parties, President Obama and the leader of every other important ally, academics, business leaders, and celebrities — but a majority of everyone else said “NO!”

Britain even ignored a plea from their own — James Bond (Daniel Craig)

Tuesday, Nov 8th – BREXIT 2.0

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