Aging with Hillary Clinton and The Donald

I’m in the same age bracket as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Mrs Clinton’s bobbling collapse reminds me again that I’m at the age where stuff can happen. I often push that thought off to the side because I’m in good health and in good shape. And unlike Trump & Clinton I don’t carry a lot of extra weight (that can make a difference)

hillary_donald_caricaturesI can tell that my energy level is less than what it use to be. I never felt the difference in my work years. But I can now

I worked for over 3 decades and I have no desire to return to the work force. None. Zero. I have been asked more than once if I would want to do volunteer work but I turn that down every time because I don’t want to be chained to a start time and quit time. Which brings me to a question

With health issues at 68 years old and a campaign that is physically exhausting, no matter one’s age, why would Hillary Clinton want to pursue the rigors of a job that could jeopardize her health even further? Is she so desperate for control and power that she cannot give up the pursuit? What makes her push her body when she could step away from public life and live her final years with family, in peace,comfort and prosperity?

Maybe Hillary Clinton is analogous to a meth head. The difference being in her elixir of choice — power

I hear power can make you drunk

One response to “Aging with Hillary Clinton and The Donald

  1. In my opinion, power is the only thing she feels she can control. We all know about Bill’s shenanigans, and Chelsea now has a family of her own. Control is illusive. If we could all understand that the only thing we can attempt to control is ourselves, life would be a lot easier.
    I’m with you on volunteering. For the 30 years I taught school I said I wanted to volunteer at the hospital when I retired. When I retired I did not want to be restricted by a time schedule. Ten years later I think about it once in a while but still want to have no schedule.

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