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Tolerance of Faith

Timeless Books of Faith

I’ve been around for awhile now and I’ve looked at the many different spiritual beliefs humanity has adopted & engaged in since the beginning. Some of these spiritual beliefs has a savior – some do not. But the common thread among them all is the many christian principles embedded in them all. And that’s probably because the principles work  🙂

I consider myself pretty open and for sure I’m tolerant of other people’s beliefs even though I believe the Jesus story has ‘by-far’ the best apologetic. You can find extra-biblical sources, totally disconnected from the christian community of the 1st century, that historically confirm the biblical stories you read in scripture. So I choose to believe the Jesus story over all the others

But I can’t help but look at the print media and wonder about their proclaimed tolerant level. Just take a glance at the titles i found in a Google search below. Which, btw- are all from the Huffington Post

6 Things Christians Should Stop Saying To People

Are We Finally Witnessing The Death Of Christianity

The Ugly In Christianity

5 Reasons Why I Hate Religious Christianity

Don’t Call Me a Christian

What if I wrote —

*The Ugly in Islam

*5 Reasons I Hate Islam

If I did. I think I might be called a name


Worthy Quotes

Most people are bothered by those passages of Scripture they do not understand, but the passages that bother me are those I do understand.


Mark Twain